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Happier, healthier,

more fulfilled, 

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"I believe that happiness and how we feel about ourselves is is an inside job."

"I believe we have one life, one body and one chance to live fully. I believe it is our birth right to be happy, to feel joy and to experience love. I believe we all deserve to thrive in life and live out our own definition of success. I believe we all deserve to be a little more in love, a little more fulfilled, a little more confident, a little more energised... every single day."

Free Private Online Community

The Heal Yourself Happy Hub is my free and private online community.

I started this community to bring people together with a vision to form a safe space, for people to connect in their darkness and in their light.  For when one of us is in the darkness, there is always someone who can shine a light for us to guide us, to show us the way and give us hope for the future.

I invite you to join me now, where you'll have access to live and relevant trainings, the chance to meet many like-minded people to connect with, plus so much inspiration, support and access to me & Tiff the HYH Nutrition Coach for FREE!

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Online Coaching & Group Programmes

Throughout the year I offer online and group coaching programmes, details of which can be found in my online community.

My evergreen online programme 'Transform your Life' is available all year round as a self study.  Over 3 months, you will go on a journey of 7 simple steps to determine your own personalised prescription for creating sustainable health and happiness in all areas of your life – the ultimate success!

This is for any one who feels they have lost their mojo, their sparkle or their way in life and is unsure about how to find it.  This is your first step!


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Private Personalised Coaching

I offer private coaching for anyone who desires more happiness in life, whether they have been through a traumatic life experience or just that they have decided they no longer want to settle for mediocre.

You have my undivided attention and my eyes on all areas of your life, your big dreams, your love life, your purpose, your confidence, your health and your wealth.  With my guidance, we create your own personalised and sustainable 'prescription' for happiness.  We blueprint your future and become the architects of your vision.  I am there to support and guide you through life's knockbacks and set backs, helping you build resilience and strength.

Email me [email protected] to arrange your free discovery call.


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What's New!

This month sees the launch of a new corporate programme which is so relevant to so many people right now - Banish the Burnout.

This is a 30 day programme to help employees prevent burnout as live more and more blended lifestyles, with a pandemic that is meaning we work from home that makes us feel we 'live at work'.  This programme will ensure burnout prevention through better balanced, better blended lifestyles and better behaviours.

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It’s here! We are so excited to announce ‘Stepping out with Confidence!’
It’s been a strange period of extended lockdown and in this free webinar, Tiff and I will be sharing our body confidence (or lack of!) Stories and journey, what we have learnt through our own experiences and how we now help countless men and women walk with confidence in their physical bodies through a blend of physical practices and emotional healing.
The Masterclass will be at Midday on  Monday 26th April  

To register and watch the masterclass live or watch on replay any time until Sunday 2nd May at 9pm - use the button below.


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