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Global rates of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases are on the rise, many related to the rise in stress and anxiety. The UK spends millions of pounds on healthcare every year, with a good proportion coming from employer’s pockets for health insurance, medical leave and sick days.

The Heal Yourself Happy ‘Work Well for Life’ Programmes are a cost effective solution to improve employee health and morale while decreasing an organisation’s health-related costs.

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This programme is for people who want more out of life!  

  • More Health.  More Happiness.
  • More Love. More Connection
  • More Abundance. More Wealth. 
  • More Joy. More Laughter!
  • More Fulfilment.  More Purpose.

Using my signature 7 step framework, I will help you navigate through a journey of self discovery to determine your own personalised prescription for healing and create sustainable health and happiness – the ultimate success in life!

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Lean for Life:  Weightloss, Nutrition & Health Reset

This is a 4 week intensive coaching programme, with 2 HYH coachesin your lives guiding you, motivating you, inspiring you but more importantly, coaching you and empowering you to achieve your desired results.
End the cycle of yoyo diets and take back control with sustainable ways of living and eating.    Let go of the guilt around food and eating treats you love! Fall in love with eating.  Fall in love with your body and your reflection.
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Dream, Believe & Achieve for Life: redefining your life with clarity and then achieving your goals with confidence

Launching January 2021

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Love for life: a programme to build your self esteem, to bring love in to all areas of your private and professional life and feel the ultimate success in life. 

Launching Spring 2021

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