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Food & Nutrition: Answering your questions!

I believe that health and happiness is our first line of defence during this period of lockdown and will continue afterwards.


Many of the articles I read last week shared the importance of what you eat and the relationship it has to your health, your immunity and your ability to fight and recover from illness. So I asked my dear friend and fellow Health Coach specialising in Nutrition - Tiffany Rowlands - to join me so we could answer many of the questions we received around nutrition, food and health.


In this video, we answered all the questions that had been sent in to us, covering a wide range of foodie topics, including:

  • cravings for sweet things, salty things and hot buttery toast!
  • emotional and stress eating 
  • how to have a nutritious breakfast on the run
  • having multiple diets and food likes / dislikes under one roof
  • the impact of menopause on your weight
  • how you can use food to influence how you feel and alleviate some of the symptoms during...
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Natalie: Lost & Lonely to Loved & Aligned


Natalie came to work with me after being referred by a mutual friend and a previous client.  She had been feeling lost with regards to her purpose and career goals, as well as wanting to make changes to her diet, her lifestyle and also understand how she could improve her relationships.


By meeting regularly, over a period f 6 months on my transformational programme, Natalie and I worked through each one of her goals in turn, using different exercises and tools in the sessions and for her to continue to reflect on and do in her own time.  At the end of her programme, Natalie was happy in a new relationship, had built up new habits and routines that made her feel good both physically and mentally and she had a very clear vision of where she wanted to go and achieve in life.


Before I started working with Ali, I felt lost and was seeking direction in many aspects of my life. I didn't know where to start with figuring out what I really wanted in...

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Sleep: 5 ways I can get you in to bed!

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2020



I believe that Health & Happiness is our first line of defence Health & Happiness is our first line of defence in this current climate – where the individual health of each person and their happiness is paramount to keeping our families and our businesses healthy and happy too.


In this blog today, I would like to take some time to focus on the third pillar of my frame work – Happy Sleep and I want to share with you 5 ways to get you in to bed! 


This blog is for you, if you find that you are doing any of the following:

  • Prioritising everything on your to do list, working late or doing household chores rather than going to bed
  • Feeling exhausted and that you could sleep all day
  • Finding you can’t sleep when you do get in to bed, thinking about all the things you have left to do.

I would like you to imagine a life where you sleep peacefully, deeply and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face every day with a spring in your...

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Jane: From Feeling Flat to Being Radiant!

Jane came to see me after being referred by a mutual friend;  she had been struggling with some health issues and as a result was feeling very 'flat', unlike her usual positive self and was concerned about her future and her purpose going forward.


Jane and I met every 2 weeks to discuss her feelings and thoughts and I used talking therapy to allow Jane really say what she needed to say;  we worked through several different exercises and techniques that allowed Jane to really connect with herself, to work through blockers holding her back from moving forward and finally, she found the diamonds within.  In her final session with me, she was radiant.  She was full of energy and smiles and ready for her next chapter in live.


When I first approached Ali and started my Heal Yourself Happy Transformational Programme, I was feeling quite lost had lost my mojo - knew that I needed to find my way again but didn’t know where to start. I felt quite rung...

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What's your story? Mine's a love story...

Everyone has a story.   The story of your life.  There will always be high times of joy and light and laughter and regardless of what Disney would have us believe, alongside them, there are the low times, the darker times, even the desperate times.

However, when we tell our story, we can choose whether to write ourselves in as the victim or the heroine (or hero if I am to be PC).  We have the choice.  We hold the pen over the blank sheet of paper.  We choose the words to fill the open silence.

So despite everything, I still write my my story as love story. And as with every good love story, there is heartache, heart break, long nights of despair before the dawn of a new hope, the promise of new life and the journey of healing. 

I hadn’t seen Vicki in 5 years when we were reunited at Castle Howard in October last year on Vicki’s second book tour date in York.  When we’d last met, we were both speaking at the...

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Ali: From feeling low and in a mess, to feeling positive and in control

During one of the first sessions that Ali came to see me, my house alarm had a fault and wouldn't stop going off!  Rather than stress about it, we took a stroll into the garden and sat in the sunshine on the terrace.  In some ways, this set the tone for the transition Ali went through - from loud upsetting noise, to finding peace and calm.

Here is Ali's story in her words: 


I was very low after the death of my mum and my marriage breakdown 6 weeks after she died. I was struggling with running my business, looking after my daughter and adjusting to being a single parent. I had money troubles and I couldn't see how I could get myself out of this mess I found myself in.


My top 3 goals were to regain control of my finances, be happy, run my business easier.  Ali was able to help me with these goals by breaking them up into separate entities, working out which one I wanted to focus on in that particular week. We wrote down action plans and I...

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Moving on: writing the prologue in order to understand the epilogue

2 years ago, I was in a very different place to where I am now.  I was holding on to those last few strings that attached me to the past and I was desperately trying to forge a way forward. 

I found writing a very therapeutic way of getting my ideas and thoughts out of my head;  it brought me clarity.  On this day 2 years ago, this is what I wrote and I haven't looked back.  I am sharing my words here as it is just one of the techniques I use with my clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression or worry.  The thoughts they have are holding them back from a life they want to live.

This is what I wrote:

There comes a time, when you have to start moving forward and looking ahead, rather than revisiting the past or replaying the painful showreel of the trauma that devastated you.

This will take time.  But as with anything, it is the first step that counts.  It is the decision to focus more on what you want the next chapter to be.  And...

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Sleep Solves Everything: 10 ways to get Happy Sleep

In a previous life, I think I must have been a cat.  Or maybe a giant armadillo!  Did you know they sleep around 18 hours a day!  To me that sounds like bliss!  I love sleep.  Especially in the winter, I love to hibernate.  If only I could live by the day light hours!


However, in the way we live our lives today, that just isn’t possible.  There is work, endless responsibilities and the latest Netflix release to watch.  As work life balance and boundaries blur in to one, sleep becomes over-rated with phrases such as ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’!  Some of us even wear our lack of sleep as a badge of honour, with workaholism causing a lack of sleep.  Some fear getting the proper sleep also equates to not being passionate enough about the work we do and the life we lead.


And yet sleep is vital for our overall physical heath as our body rests and more importantly for our mental health....

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Article published by Prime Women: Lifting the taboo on surviving the peri-menopause and menopause

My thanks to Prime Women for publishing this article to raise awareness of the Menopause & Peri-Menopause in November 2018.

I am well in to my 40’s and the ‘M’ word has started to become the topic of conversation with many of my friends.  I feel that it is time to lift the taboo on the subject, talk about it and share experiences and tips to survive what has always been branded as a horrible time of life.

I am a Health and Happiness Coach and approach both holistically and as far as possible naturally, without medical intervention.  From my personal experience and in doing research, I have determined that you do not need to suffer in relation to your reproductive life cycle and you don’t need a pill to thrive.   In fact, it can be simply enough to understand that your sexual hormones are out of balance and that you can take responsibility to look at your daily habits, your environments and work out what is causing any imbalance in your...

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