What's your story? Mine's a love story...

Everyone has a story.   The story of your life.  There will always be high times of joy and light and laughter and regardless of what Disney would have us believe, alongside them, there are the low times, the darker times, even the desperate times.

However, when we tell our story, we can choose whether to write ourselves in as the victim or the heroine (or hero if I am to be PC).  We have the choice.  We hold the pen over the blank sheet of paper.  We choose the words to fill the open silence.

So despite everything, I still write my my story as love story. And as with every good love story, there is heartache, heart break, long nights of despair before the dawn of a new hope, the promise of new life and the journey of healing. 

I hadn’t seen Vicki in 5 years when we were reunited at Castle Howard in October last year on Vicki’s second book tour date in York.  When we’d last met, we were both speaking at the graduation of some wonderful children who had taken a course that I had been volunteer teaching as part of a scheme to empower young girls and encourage them to go to university. 

Having caught up, she asked me to share my story with her audience.  You can read the full article here:


Honest Mum Guest Post: A Love Story


Thank you Vicki for inspiring us with your story of sharing openly and honestly about motherhood, the aftermath and how you have inspired so many other women to work flexibly, for themselves, prioritising themselves and their families without holding back on success.  And also for holding a forum for others to share their story too.


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