Alexa: Well & truly and inspirationally transformed!

Alexa's transformation is truly inspirational.  She was in a really sad and lonely place when we first spoke. Through being totally committed to learning new things, being open and willing to try anything, facing her deepest fears and taking the leap in all areas of her life - romantically and professionally, she has created a life full of light and love!  I am so happy for her! 

Alexa took my 6 month transformational programme and now working with me on business mentoring. Here is her story, in her words:


Before I started I was filled with anxiety, sadness, helpless and completely lost. I had never worked with a coach before so was unsure what to expect. I had seen therapists about the current life situation I was facing however none met my needs. I needed someone who would help me by listening, helping me come up with my own answers but provide me with tools and techniques to do that. Ali provided all of this and more. Ali's story resonated with me when I read about her own loss with her Mum and her heartbreak too. The words she wrote in one of her blogs on her website inspired me so much... I too wanted to overcome the hurdles I was facing in my marriage and in my life.

After working with Ali, I feel that I am a stronger, confident and better version of myself.


My top 3 goals on starting the programme were to overcome my anxiety and repair and strengthen my marriage.  Ali helped me work towards these goals by being my guiding star! Providing proven tools and techniques to help me when I was low or overwhelmed and also being a voice of reason.  The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the programme has been how I respond to my thoughts and how I can notice when to slow down, rest and be mindful.


When it comes to the most significant overall change I have noticed since starting my transformational programme with Ali is that all I can say is that I cried every day before I met Ali, I felt like I was in a bottomless pit. Today I am sat here feeling happy, grateful for all the good things in my life and the things that are yet to come. I am changing career, my marriage is on the road to recovery and I am happier in myself.


There were so many tips and techniques that helped bring about this change.....changing an image of a person to a jelly man, writing in my husband book, meditation and recognising the different thoughts and giving them characters.  From one to one coaching, to her posts on instagram, discussions within the HYH hub everything was always spot on, encouraging and to a high standard.


I would describe my coach Ali as ‘Amazing’! I have so much praise for Ali and I will be forever grateful for her support and guidance during such a tough time in my life. I honestly do not know where I would be if we had not crossed paths. She is caring, a great listener, she shows true heartfelt compassion. She encourages you but in a helpful way without pressure. She always seems to say the right things, she is dependable and just such an amazing person.  I would recommend Ali as a coach to Everyone!  I’m her biggest fan, haha!



 Alexa invested in a 6 month transformational programme.  If you would like to know more about working with me on any of my programmes - private coaching, transformational coaching, business mentoring or online programmes, please email me at [email protected]


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