Emma: from waiting for life to begin to believing good things will happen!

Emma approached me at the end of 2020 following a conversation with a mutual friend and previous client.  I loved our sessions! Emma came to each session armed with questions, she kept me on my toes, we navigated the labyrinth of life, knocking down walls, leaping over hedges and had a lot of laughs along the way!  You can read Emma's testimonial and post programme message to me here....


Before I approached Ali, I felt ok with my life but I knew there were some blocks in the way to taking my life a step up and moving it forward in the way I wanted.  I was aware, through therapy I'd had previously, that these blocks were due to issues of low self-esteem and lack of self-love.   I also wanted to live a life where I felt happiness on a day to day basis.  This is something I had never experienced in my life, so I didn't know if it was even possible.  I felt my deep core was one of sadness following a very bleak, cold childhood.  I wanted to learn to live in a state of happiness.  Also I had dreams but I didn't believe they would ever become real - these things happened to other people but not to me (which goes back to self-esteem/self-love issues)!  I felt like I was waiting for my life to begin, for good things to happen, especially as I am in my last three years of this stage of parenting.  I really wanted to go into the new year by making some real changes and kick-start my life!


Now, I feel completely different.  I actually felt a shift even after our first introductory chat.  My six sessions have been life-changing in a way I had not imagined possible.  TBH, I didn't really know what to expect as I've never done coaching before but it has far exceeded my expectations and I'm very happy that it was you who took me on that journey as I felt we've had a lot of shared experiences.   My outlook is completely different and my general state of mind is now much more positive, hopeful and joyful.

My goals were to  learn to live in a state of happiness, to reach a point where I believed that my dreams could come true, to lift my self-esteem and self-confidence.  To achieve this, you helped me with these goals by working first on self-esteem and then self-love which were the nub of my issues.

The biggest noticeable change I have noticed is that I feel completely different about myself, my interaction with my children and others is different, I actively believe I deserve good things to happen to me and that they will happen to me, that the Universe will deliver. My day to day approach to life, seeing a positive in everything, being able to reframe negative thoughts, understanding the principle that things happen for a reason and therefore turning them into a positive.  I learned some time ago, in my therapy, about having a strong sense of self, but what I learned has been compounded as both my self-esteem, and my ability to self-love, have grown.

I think what had the most impact on me was when you said to me - the only person you spend your whole life with is you, so you'd better start liking you.  This was a big turning point for me.  However, EVERYTHING you've said to me in our six weeks has had a major impact on me.  Each time I raised a new issue, you were able to completely get where I was coming from and get straight to the nub of it, always finding the right thing to say, the right tools to help me overcome it.

I would describe you, Ali,  as a coach as 'amazing'.  I'll admit now, I was very apprehensive about doing any coaching and almost cancelled our preliminary chat (!) but as soon as I started to talking to you, I knew you were the right person for me on this journey and I'm very pleased I had the courage to go through with it.  

I would recommend you to anyone.   I think everyone could benefit from a bit of coaching!

I've absolutely LOVED the HYH programme.  It's been such an enlightening, uplifting and life-enhancing experience.   You've been amazing Ali, always so kind and understanding.  The fact that you're obviously very intelligent and that you seem to have had a lot of similar experiences to mine was very helpful to me. Also on the couple of occasions when I wondered whether to bring something up, I felt sufficiently safe and comfortable with you that in the end I did and I finished feeling that I had really said everything I needed to (for now at least)!

For anyone considering coaching with Ali, I would absolutely recommend it and I would say to anyone considering it - do it, you won't regret it.

And finally, just to say a huge thank you really for everything, for making the journey so enjoyable and for getting 2021 off to such a great start.  I feel that the life I want to lead can properly begin now (even if not immediately) but I actively believe that it will happen and that I deserve it to happen which for me is really life-changing and a wonderful feeling. 


If you would like to discuss how I can help you and the options available to you, please email me on [email protected]




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