Kate: A Lockdown Love Story

You know me and a good love story - I love one, especially one with a happy ending.  And this is a lovely one!  Kate first rang me totally incredulous that only she could be dumped in Lockdown....  but boy did she use time wisely to reassess all areas of her life and what a gorgeous story it turned out to be!  Bring on the champagne! 

You can read Kate's story in her words here: 

Before I reached out to Ali, I was feeling so low. I have had therapy before and it worked but I think it's something you need on a regular basis. I had started dating after 18 months off dating as needed a reset. I started dating someone i knew from an old job (Scott) and there were a lot of issues that he had to deal with and then just as lock down began he ended it. I was devastated as he had made me feel as if we were going somewhere.

I also was starting the third year of working for the family business and I felt I had no focus or direction in life. I was unhappy and had also recently culled some people from my friendship group that I had been close friends with for well over 10 years.

I didn't feel I needed therapy but I needed to sort my life out. As I was doing the usual scrolling through facebook, Ali's Monday meditation popped up on facebook via M&S (I used to work there). I was curious as there was an Ali in my team in network marketing and the name sounded familiar, was this her? could she help me? and what is a life coach? Maybe this could be what I need. I always remember how lovely she was, not knowing her background, to me she had the perfect life! So I thought well let's see what this life coaching is all about.

So I sent the email half expecting Ali to come back with 'no sorry this is not what you need at all'. However she listened to me for a good hour waffle on before telling me she had a slot, could help me and I could start next week! From that moment I took a huge leap in to the unknown.


Having worked with Ali for the last 6 months, speaking weekly, I feel so much more confident. I know I can get through through the tough times. I also know whatever happens it will be ok.  My top 3 goals were to focus on my love life,  my work and why l felt so guilty about being happy and having holidays, etc. We took each goal step by step, we broke them down and worked out how to deal with certain issues that arose.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been the way I think about things - that has definitely changed. I have learnt is to listen, not jump to conclusions, focus on what I want and how I see my future. I now open myself up to opportunities. I have learnt how to use my cards and crystals and most importantly writing letters to people and letting the Universe decide!


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been with my relationships with people: friends, family and most of all Scott! I didn't think that was going to change but it did and he has noticed a change too. I learnt to think more about what he was going through and not making all about me which i done subconsciously previously.


From working with Ali, my health, happiness & life has improved because I know I want to lead a calm life, be happy, make other people happy. My outlook on life has changed 100% and for the better and I will continue to show everyone the benefits of a life coach and continue learning.


I would describe my Coach, Ali, as the fairy godmother. I cannot put in to words how much Ali has helped me over the last 6 months.I have learnt so much about myself and sometimes life gets too much and you need to break it down and work on it it bit by bit and accept something will change and you will lose people along the way but 'IT WILL BE OK'.

I would recommend Ali, to everyone - I think everyone should have a life coach at some point, especially if you do not know what one is, then you need one. Ali is so kind and she has become a part of my life there is not a day where I don't feel she isn't around; the support is there 24/7 and the HYH Hub is such an amazing place too. 


Ali keep doing what you are doing as you are helping so many people out there.


Kate invested in the HYH 6 month transformational programme.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you and the options available to you, please email me on [email protected]


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