Lean for Life: all the details & the amazing results!

Lean for Life is a 4 week online programme with Heal Yourself Happy Nutrition & Weight-loss.  Tiffany Royce, the HYH Nutrition Coach and Ali Mortimer, The Founder of Heal Yourself Happy team up to help people who want to improve their physical health, Nutrition & Weight-loss!
This is what the participants had to say:
NikkiI'm no longer in my funk!!! Woo Hoo!!! I can't thank you both enough for all your support and accountability throughout the L4L Programme and in the future. I know I will keep revisiting the Facebook page and gain even more knowledge from you both. It was also so incredibly heartwarming to hear other L4Lifer's stories and appreciate their openness (which can obviously be rather difficult at times), this is purely because of the nature in which you both provide a safe, genuine, supportive and empowering environment. Well done lovely ladies xxx
LucyMy biggest takeaway is that there is no such thing as a diet.  It's about awareness and making it work for you. Nothing is off limits!!  Positivity is at the heart of this programme and the content and sessions oooze this, which makes it contagious. I have been actively practising more gratitude as a result of this programme.”
JessI have a different thought process to food. I no longer just eat for the sake of it. I look forward to enjoying my food. I have no guilt. I listen to how I’m feeling. I enjoy eating fresh nutritious food because of how it makes my mind & body feel. I’m so much easier on myself. I now realise that I already know what to eat & to trust myself. I don’t need to over complicate things.
NicolaMy skin is brighter, my clothes bit better, I have discovered a new level of confidence and I m sure my liver and gut will be rather grateful too! Results during L4L... I lost 10 pounds in weight and a total of 35cm from my measurements (arms, waist, hips, love handles and thighs). Results so far... I have lost 14 1/2 pounds and a total of 45cm from my measurements It's fair to say, I'm rather proud of myself and I'm positive that following the lessons learned throughout the L4L Programme, I will reach my goal and maintain it with my new healthy lifestyle x 
Chrissy: I can't thank Ali & Tiff enough for this programme. It contained so much more than I ever thought it would & has helped in ways that go beyond food. The resources have been amazing & varied. There were loads of wonderful surprises along the way and the support was brilliant. I will miss this so much & I think everyone should have an Ali-Tiff! (or a Tiff-Ali!).
Sarah; Just to say a massive thank you to Ali and Tiff, I will miss you! The programme has been a game changer for me in many ways, worth every penny xx
100% of participants would recommend this programme to friends and have this to say to anyone considering joining the next round:
NikkiTo quote the Scouts - "Be Prepared" ... be prepared to experience a new lease of life. ... be prepared to feel lighter, brighter and adorned in self belief. ... be prepared to feel warmth and support from strangers who are travelling along the same path as yourself. ... be prepared to wake up on a morning and be excited to exercise and rustle up a healthy breakfast. ... be prepared to fall in love with YOU! You will not regret this Programme!!!
Dot: This was an amazing course, it was different to what I expected but was so right for me. Each session felt like it was tailored for me, yet worked for the whole group. The information and support from Ali and Tiff was second to none. You worked at your own pace on what was right for you and they walked alongside you. This was a gift that I will have for ever.
Chrissy: Just do it! You won't regret it & you will get far more than you ever thought. And what you learn you can really take with you for life, in so many ways.
This is an online programme who answers 'yes' to the following questions:
👉 Are you sick of yo-yo diets? Have you had enough of seeing your weight go down when you are following a diet and then go straight back up again when you finish or lose motivation?
👉 Are you a constant dieter who is sick of always being on a diet, restricting yourself from eating the foods you want to eat and love! Do you find yourself getting so upset with yourself when you are distracted and end up having something you 'shouldn't'?
👉 Do you look in the mirror and feel disappointed in what you see, despite what others say about how amazing you look? Would you love to feel good in yourself, confident about how you look and be happy with your reflection?
Don't worry, Tiff and I have been where you are, done it all and now wear the t-shirt that says we are HAPPY and want to help you all do the same.
We have created a 4 weeks online programme where the 2 coaches will be with you to keep you motivated and inspired and to coach you to reach the results you desire.
After 4 weeks, you will have:
💗 Your own bespoke nutrition & lifestyle plan to be lean and healthy for life that is SUSTAINABLE
💗 Lost weight, feel leaner, lighter and brighter.
💗 Motivation through feeling empowered because you know what you are doing, what you are going to achieve and how to achieve it.
💗 Discovered or re-discovered your love of food, your love of life and most importantly, love for yourself.
We run this programme 3 times through the year;  to find out how to enrol on the next programme - email [email protected] or [email protected]

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