Ali: From feeling low and in a mess, to feeling positive and in control

During one of the first sessions that Ali came to see me, my house alarm had a fault and wouldn't stop going off!  Rather than stress about it, we took a stroll into the garden and sat in the sunshine on the terrace.  In some ways, this set the tone for the transition Ali went through - from loud upsetting noise, to finding peace and calm.

Here is Ali's story in her words: 


I was very low after the death of my mum and my marriage breakdown 6 weeks after she died. I was struggling with running my business, looking after my daughter and adjusting to being a single parent. I had money troubles and I couldn't see how I could get myself out of this mess I found myself in.


My top 3 goals were to regain control of my finances, be happy, run my business easier.  Ali was able to help me with these goals by breaking them up into separate entities, working out which one I wanted to focus on in that particular week. We wrote down action plans and I did my best to work through them. Even just talking to Ali helped on the days when I was at my worst.


The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that my finances are better and I bought a house - which has helped to make me really happy.  The most significant overall change  I have noticed has been I am able to question my intrusive thoughts and rationalise them. I listen to my thoughts and push them away as nonsense.


The most useful tips / techniques to bring about these changes was learning to recognise that (most) people will understand if I need to take time off work due to my mental health and that if I don't look after myself then I can't look after my clients.


From working with Ali as a coach, my mental health has improved because that is what I needed the most help with. I am not on antidepressants anymore and haven't been for 14 months now. I am able to just breathe and let things go a little easier.


I would describe Ali as a truly wonderful human being. She is bubbly, full of life, full of fab ideas, VERY glamorous, very caring and warm and doesn't judge you.


After working with Ali I feel more positive on more days. I feel more in control of my life and have more days when I feel confident in myself.


There are still days (or times during some days) when I am totally low and feel unconfident, but they are getting fewer and the support I have around me is fab (my partner, my good friend her family, my parents).


Ali invested in a 6 month transformational programme.  If you would like to know more about working with me on any of my programmes - private coaching, transformational coaching, business mentoring or online programmes, please email me at [email protected]


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