Annabel: From a shy, stuck Coach to confident Energy Coach!

Annabel and I first crossed paths at a conference and I was so excited when she reached out to me to ask for support and guidance when it came to her own coaching business;  she was stuck,  unsure of which direction she wanted to go in and lacking in confidence to be able to share her skills, knowledge and business publicly.  Since working with me she is a published author and I love seeing her confidence on social media as she is now embracing her new found love for her message and how she will help people with their energy as an Energy Coach!


You can read Annabel's story in her words here


Before I contacted Ali to work, I was feeling a bit stuck and directionless trying to start my business. I was lacking in confidence in myself to be able to do it. I procrastinated a lot- mainly about the techie stuff and the social media as a lot of it was out of my comfort zone. I didn't think what I had to offer was worth very much- bad money mindset.

I have loved working with Ali over the last 3 months. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. It was like speaking with an old friend who totally gets you and manages to tease the good stuff out of you that you didn't always realise was hidden in there. I now have a plan!! I have a direction and I'm going to put one foot in front of the other and keep going until I have built the business of my dreams. I feel a lot more confident in myself and feel like towards the end of the sessions , I had a real AHA moment and suddenly it all slotted into place. It felt like I was putting on an cosy, familiar coat instead of the rather ill fitted jacket I think I had been trying to squeeze myself into before. Suddenly the business plan seemed right!


My initial goals were to get some direction for my business. To get a paying client. To work on my social media. To do that, we looked a lot at my self limiting beliefs. Of which there were a few.

Since working with Ali, I honestly think I'm vibrating on a higher level. I feel more empowered. I feel clearer about what I want and how I want to do it. I'm getting better at ignoring the self doubting thoughts and feeling more confident in just showing up as me.


As a coach myself, it's been absolutely invaluable having this experience with Ali. Its important to walk the walk and talk the talk and I have benefitted so much from working through my thought processes with someone who listens and holds space for me to explore what's actually going on inside my head.


Ever since I saw Ali talking at a conference in her sparkly red sequinned trousers I have been drawn to her warmth and vitality. So when I was looking for a business coach who would understand exactly where I was coming from, it was a natural choice to ask Ali. After every session I would feel inspired and motivated. She really has a very special way about her.

I love HYH and all it stands for.. so happy to have been able to have a bit of HYH magic sprinkled over me!

To anyone who is considering investing in working with Ali as a coach, I would say it is worth every penny! Just do it!!


Thank you for these invaluable sessions. I have loved working with you.



If you would like to discuss how I can help you and the options available to you, please email me on [email protected]


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