Jane: From Feeling Flat to Being Radiant!

Jane came to see me after being referred by a mutual friend;  she had been struggling with some health issues and as a result was feeling very 'flat', unlike her usual positive self and was concerned about her future and her purpose going forward.


Jane and I met every 2 weeks to discuss her feelings and thoughts and I used talking therapy to allow Jane really say what she needed to say;  we worked through several different exercises and techniques that allowed Jane to really connect with herself, to work through blockers holding her back from moving forward and finally, she found the diamonds within.  In her final session with me, she was radiant.  She was full of energy and smiles and ready for her next chapter in live.


When I first approached Ali and started my Heal Yourself Happy Transformational Programme, I was feeling quite lost had lost my mojo - knew that I needed to find my way again but didn’t know where to start. I felt quite rung out and was getting some physical health symptoms.


After working with Ali for the last 6 months, I feel amazing - spending time looking at all the areas of my health with strategies to deal with the challenges I was facing. Ali always took the time to listen to what I said and had a whole array of tools for each of the questions that came up with a plan as to how to deal with them.


My top three goals upon starting the programme were to regain my confidence. To create goals for the next chapter of my life. To overcome the fears that were holding me back.

Through working with Ali as my Coach, I feel amazing, my self-esteem and confidence have soared. I have goals that I am working towards. I have gained perspective to move beyond my fears and they no longer hold me back. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I have regained my self-esteem and purpose. I have tapped more into my spirituality.


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I now know that I am the only person responsible for my health and well being - self care is not selfish. The most useful tips and/or techniques to bring about a change was using the Circle of Life tool and having Ali present daily through the app to log emotions and activities and that there was always a prompt response if I needed a virtual hug.


From working with a Ali as my Health Coach, my health and happiness has improved because I have positive strategies to apply to all the areas of life to keep me grounded - I feel physically, emotionally , psychologically and spiritually well. I would describe my Health Coach, Ali, as a truly kind and compassionate friend. I would recommend working with Ali, anyone who is having difficulties in their life in any area of health.


Ali has made a massive impact on me - I hadn’t realised how far off my true path I’d got until I was helped to look at it in such an open and honest manner. I always felt totally supported to discuss openly and never felt judged or criticised. Ali is an amazing individual.


Jane invested in a 6 month transformational programme.  If you would like to know more about working with me on any of my programmes - private coaching, transformational coaching, business mentoring or online programmes, please email me at [email protected]


If you would like to know more about me, see me in action - do come and join my private online community - the Heal Yourself Happy Hub which is free to join here: https://bit.ly/2VHDIr6


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