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Sleep Solves Everything: 10 ways to get Happy Sleep

In a previous life, I think I must have been a cat.  Or maybe a giant armadillo!  Did you know they sleep around 18 hours a day!  To me that sounds like bliss!  I love sleep.  Especially in the winter, I love to hibernate.  If only I could live by the day light hours!


However, in the way we live our lives today, that just isn’t possible.  There is work, endless responsibilities and the latest Netflix release to watch.  As work life balance and boundaries blur in to one, sleep becomes over-rated with phrases such as ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’!  Some of us even wear our lack of sleep as a badge of honour, with workaholism causing a lack of sleep.  Some fear getting the proper sleep also equates to not being passionate enough about the work we do and the life we lead.


And yet sleep is vital for our overall physical heath as our body rests and more importantly for our mental health....

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Article published by Prime Women: Lifting the taboo on surviving the peri-menopause and menopause

My thanks to Prime Women for publishing this article to raise awareness of the Menopause & Peri-Menopause in November 2018.

I am well in to my 40’s and the ‘M’ word has started to become the topic of conversation with many of my friends.  I feel that it is time to lift the taboo on the subject, talk about it and share experiences and tips to survive what has always been branded as a horrible time of life.

I am a Health and Happiness Coach and approach both holistically and as far as possible naturally, without medical intervention.  From my personal experience and in doing research, I have determined that you do not need to suffer in relation to your reproductive life cycle and you don’t need a pill to thrive.   In fact, it can be simply enough to understand that your sexual hormones are out of balance and that you can take responsibility to look at your daily habits, your environments and work out what is causing any imbalance in your...

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