Nutrition & Weightloss

Meet the Heal-Yourself-Happy Nutrition and Weightloss Coach -  Tiffany Rowlands!

I am Tiff!  I am the HYH Health and Nutrition Coach.

I help people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, who want to eat well and feel great without restrictions in a simple & achievable way.

I help my clients transform their relationship with food. I give them food freedom to eat well without piling on the pounds and help them to have a body they love without restriction or limitation whilst feeling fantastic!

I believe food really is our medicine and by eating well you can completely transform your health and happiness. Without our health we really have nothing. No amount of money will give you the life you’ve always dreamed of if you are sick.

Ultimately, I want to free people from restrictive eating and diet rules so that they have food freedom for life.


Why work with me?

Firstly, because I have been there and I have come out the other side happy, healthy and living life to the full. I once had a terrible relationship with food, I comfort ate to fill other gaps in my life and became very overweight, I was miserable and frustrated.

And secondly, I’ve also been on the other end of the scale, I lost a lot of weight and was so fearful of putting it back on I became incredibly restrictive, thin and unhappy.

But I didn't want that to be my life! I didn't want my life to be consumed by food and weight. I wanted to live in a body I felt happy and confident with so I could power through life focusing on what really mattered and achieving my goals.

I wanted freedom and strength and body confidence, so I completely transformed my relationship with food and now I want to help others do the same - to eat well without fear or restriction whilst being at a weight that makes them energized and happy!

I learnt to understand my unique body and what makes it work at it’s best and this is exactly what I do with my clients today.

I do this by really getting to know my clients inside and out - their likes and dislikes, their whys and why nots! By creating simple steps that are achievable and sustainable then supporting them and keeping them accountable for a lifetime of good health.

I do this using a my bespoke framework called 'The Bespoke Wellbeing Way.'

There are 5 core stages that I take my clients through: consultation, action, practice, check in and connection.

I look at their nutrition but also their movement, sleep and stress management too. No amount of kale with make you healthy if you are constantly stressed!

It's not just my own experiences that have got me where I am today I have worked with clients from all over the world, coaching them to better health. I have been into huge international organisations like ITV, Nike and Adidas to help and support their staff with amazing results.

And now I want to help you too. If you want to eat well without piling on the pounds. To feel energised and full of life without fear or guilt please get in touch by emailing me on [email protected] where we can arrange to speak about your current goals and challenges and determine a way forward for you.


Optimum Health Without Restrictions!


Join me in the Heal Yourself Happy Hub for 'Tiff's Thursday Takeaways'! From top tips to recipes, I share my takeaway for the week to help you feel healthy & happy! Love Tiff x

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