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Meet the Heal-Yourself-Happy Nutrition and Weightloss Coach -  Tiffany Rowlands!

Hi!  I am Tiffany.  

I am the Heal Yourself Happy Nutrition and Weight-loss Coach.  At HYH, we understand that so much unhappiness or happiness is based on how we feel in terms of our health, our vitality as well as how we feel about the way we look and feel in our clothes.  Nutrition, the food we eat and how we nourish our bodies plays a huge part in our health and therefore our happiness.
I recognise that a topic close to my heart is really troubling a lot of people at the moment and that is weight-loss, how to do it, how to do it sustainably and how to do it without feeling like a complete chore.
So let me ask you..
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Have you been trying for years (or what feels like your whole lifetime)
  • Have you tried all the different fad diets and programmes and nothing has worked?
There are so many mixed messages about what we should be eating nowadays and we get so overwhelmed and confuse, but that is why I am here now, at HYH to be honest with you and help you all if this is your goal.
When it comes to weight loss and supporting my private clients, I highlight 3 key things:
  1. No one size fits all: If you really want to lose weight and keep it off for life, you need to understand that every body is different. So many clients come to me saying well the X diet worked for my brother's friends cousin's aunt! Understand that what worked for others won't necessarily be right for you! You need your very own bespoke plan, a way of eating that is just for YOU.
  2. Understand what a balanced plate of food looks like: with so many faddy diets out there I think a lot of us have lost sight of what that is. You don't need to cut out carbs or eliminate sugar completely, in fact, I'd encourage you NOT to eliminate anything. But you do need to understand what fuels your body and what helps it grow and fights off illness.
  3. And finally, the truth about calories! There's so much chat about calories nowadays and whilst you do need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, (so taking in less energy than we are using up), not all calories are created equal.You could eat chocolate bars all day and still lose weight but you'd feel pretty crappy and you'd definitely get ill. Understanding which foods will fill you up without filling you out is really important.
Please don't feel bad if you've yoyo dieting for years. There are so many mixed messages out there. But if you would like to stop the seesaw and have a way of eating that will really work for you then that is why we are here to help you at Heal Yourself Happy!
By working with us, I will dispel the myths and re-educate you on food, nutrition and your body and finally give you a clear path to reaching your weight loss goals. No more cutting carbs or starving yourself for days only to crash when your body can no longer take it. With a passion for food, healthy and delicious meals, I will help you create your own personalised nutrition plan, including the foods you like, excluding the food you don't!  
And while I have your 'plate', Ali will help you with your 'mind' - helping you create a strong mindset, so you know you can become the healthiest version of yourself as well has helping you heal any past experiences that have influenced your relationship with food and eating in order to help you learn to love food again.
For that is our collective goal!  To help you to feel fantastic, to feel in control and to enjoy food for the rest of your life.
At Heal Yourself Happy, we believe in bio-individuality - that everyone is unique, so we do not provide one plan or programme to fit everyone.  We pride ourselves in offering bespoke plans that will work for you and your lifestyle.  If you are ready to make a change and transform your life, then email me [email protected] to arrange your free 20 minute consultation to see how we can help you with your weight loss and nutrition goals.



It's #TastyTuesday in the Heal-Yourself-Happy Hub, every Tuesday I post a delicious and nutritious recipe. Most recently, I shared a Thai Beef Salad, a recipe I created for a lifestyle website during lockdown. It is easy, insanely tasty and super healthy too. I got some fantastic feedback then so I'm hoping you will love it too. Tiff x

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